We are a strong and diverse team of professionals, with one purpose: to protect the most valuable “Life”. Together, we are CPR Training- Cathy Lanuza.

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People are at the heart of everything we do, and that has a real impact on the world we live in. That is an important responsibility, but also a great opportunity to leave our business and human footprint.

CPR Training- Cathy Lanuza is founded on the values ​​of putting people first, recognizing that we are better together, doing the right thing, and being determined to achieve results. These values ​​reflect who we are and how we conduct our business.

As we grow, we become part of the communities we serve. We are proud of our history of protection and of helping the population through our defibrillators, first-aid kits, a human team with great professionals, who over the years have trained hundreds of people in first aid who currently save lives… For all these reasons, today we are a company with a diverse portfolio of clients in many sectors and geography throughout the country.

We are a leading national company in cardio protection, a national reference center in cardiac resuscitation and defibrillation training.

Whoever does not understand that one hundred percent of our clients are people and that one hundred percent of our entity are people, does not understand our company.

We achieve our goals by doing what we do best, protecting what is most valuable…

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